Sizing Information

To maximize your comfort, we offer both our post-surgical bras in a range of sizes. it's important to choose the correct size to gain the full benefit from the Blackwell Bra technology.
Our bras are sized differently than typical lingerie. Please measure just under your bust (around the largest part of your ribcage) to determine your size. Aim for a looser fit than you would normally wear. We recommend measuring over a camisole or t-shirt.
Choose the bra size at the upper range of that measurement. For example, if your underbust circumference is 41 inches or 104 centimeters, choose the XX-Large size.

Blackwell Bra and Thoracic Compression Bra

Bra Size Chart

Underbust Circumference

Bra Size
Inches Centimeters
30-32 76-81 Small
32-35 81-89 Medium
35-38 89-96.5 Large
38-41 96.5-104 X-Large
41-44 104-111.75 XX-Large
44+ 112+ XXX-Large


Drain Apron

Our drain apron is quite adjustable so it can sit comfortably around your midsection. To ensure it complements your Blackwell Bra, measure around your true waist (at your belly button), then your hips. Find the average of these numbers, then choose the waistband length with this result.

Drain Apron Size Chart

 Waistband Length Size
34-51 inches Small/Medium
38-58 inches Medium/Large

Got the Wrong Size?

Once you receive your product, leave on all tags until you're certain it will fit you well.  If you find that the fit is not quite optimal, you may be eligible for a free replacement. Please feel free to review our return/refund policy.