Our Values and Story

Heal Well. Live Free.

After performing hundreds of breast and thoracic surgeries, Dr. Lea Blackwell noticed a heartbreaking trend: many of her patients struggled with their recovery as they couldn't find comfortable garments to wear after surgery. Everything felt restrictive and unsupportive.

The ideal post-op garments would aid drainage, provide enough compression to reduce swelling, and feel nice on the skin, ultimately helping patients heal sooner. Unfortunately, there were few good options on the market. 

"When I started my surgical practice in Fort Myers, Florida, we used a surgical bra with a front Velcro closure. Every patient complained — it was uncomfortable but more uncomfortable without it. I started wondering if I could make my own bra.”
– Dr. Lea Blackwell
The Blackwell Bra products are innovative comfort garments that Dr. Blackwell developed from her desire to enhance patients’ recovery after surgery. These specialized garments prioritize patients’ immediate needs and directly address the common sources of discomfort and distress after surgery. 

With the Blackwell Bra, Dr. Blackwell intends to set a new standard for the post-surgical garments — one that honors patients’ unique needs after breast or thoracic surgeries. As an advocate for holistic wellness, sustainable products, she strives to empower them on their healing journeys.

The Blackwell Bra Values


We understand how emotionally and physically challenging surgery can be. Our goal is to empower your healing journey with kindness and comfort.


All bras are made of premium Italian fabric and are manufactured in the United States. 


Dr. Lea Blackwell leverages her medical expertise to develop and improve the comfort and efficiency of post-operative garments.